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[1] Brand advantage

Years of experience, industry leading technology.

High-end design to help upgrade products.


[2] Mature product system advantages

Environmental protection: raw materials are natural and environmentally friendly materials

Function: relax and relieve stress

Design: Product Architecture - Soft Beds & Sofas


[3] Mature manufacturing advantage

Production base: large production line

Historical precipitation: Daxie Furniture has 20 years of experience in the soft furniture industry


[4] Extreme environmental advantages

The product is preferably natural and environmentally friendly and has its own partner;


[5] Product quality advantage

Establish a first-class quality assurance system and supervision and management system, and carry out various forms of quality management activities;


[6] Mature business model advantage

More than 100 people from the market to help the team, participate in all kinds of activities in the terminal store.

After nearly 200 specialty stores across the country, over 600 events have accumulated experience.

Create a mature market support model and profitable method, easy to copy.

Let the old business improve the performance for a long time, let the new business grow quickly and make profits.


[7] Profit sharing under scale advantage

The advantages of Daxu's procurement enable agents to obtain a variety of high-quality equipment and raw materials at a lower cost.

The additional profit margin will be supported by high-quality franchisees through advertising, marketing activities, and decoration support.